TraXion is ideal for kinesiologists and physiotherapists working on the return to daily or sports activity of injured and post-surgical patients.

With TraXion, you can create personalized routines to work the muscle chains of your patients, progressively stimulating the muscles, promoting proprioceptivity, receptivity and concentric and eccentric contraction. In addition, you will allow your patients to unblock their joints and improve their balance, restoring tone and vitality to the muscles of their body.

TraXion is optimal for different types of rehabilitation such as use after an illness that has weakened or atrophied the muscles; for recovery and toning of injuries in knees, shoulders, back, among others and use after bariatric, cardiac, corrective and many other surgeries.

Thanks to different levels of tension of elastic bands, you will be able to help your patients recover their mobility in a progressive way with controlled movements.
Corrects muscular imbalances
Improves general health Prevents bad postural habits
Relieves pain
Unlocks the joints
The possibility of developing muscles without overloading allows us to significantly expand the range of natural movements in an elastic way, so that nerve stimuli can travel from one cell to another, enriching neuronal communication.

The more elastic the neuromuscular system, the greater its ability to accumulate elastic energy.

Rehabilitation with TraXion is a training that will seek to perform exercises to improve and compensate for body posture. The position will depend on the exercise, so it will be adapted to the need of the work system.

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